As a Life Contortionist Coach, we'll find creative ways to move you forward to reimagine your professional life. Along the way, it's likely we'll run into some creative ways to reimagine your personal life, too.

Since I took a belly flop onto a new path after 10 years experience in education, I have major compassion for folks on the precipice of a daunting change. I understand that, though you may feel stymied by the doubt and fear, there is a little voice inside that knows for certain you can do it.

I use my own experience with that voice to recognize it in others, guide you into a discovery of your own, and ultimately support you in finding strength in that discovery. Moreover, I can draw on my years of education experience when working with clients taking bellyflops into (or out of) that field.

A standard life coaching session can last up to 90 minutes and each session is $125*.

We can communicate on the phone, via Skype, at my office or arrange a place close to your location. In-person coaching is available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Email me, call me, send a carrier pigeon, use the contact form or find me on Thumbtack!

Please note that any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be billed at full cost.

*I am willing to work with your financial situation so please do not be shy!

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