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Get ready for blastoff.

A SPECIAL OFFER to launch you into 2016 with style and speed!

Are you looking back on the year and wishing you’d accomplished more by now?

Stressed and overwhelmed?

Putting other people first, while your own plans lose momentum?

This time of year can be a tough slog – short days, cold weather, and the looming holiday season. It’s enough to make you want to curl up in a ball and hide.

Lucky for you, fetal position is a GREAT position for a HUMAN CANNONBALL!

Strap on your helmet, and let me propel you toward your bright future and a brand new year of possibility.

The HUMAN CANNONBALL is a special package offer for beating the winter blues. This coaching series will lift you out of your funk and give you a big momentum boost – so you can start on your 2016 resolutions before the New Year begins!

We’ll use tried-and-true coaching tools to help you set the right goals, make them your priorities, and take action – all while setting you up with a balanced outlook for the new year. By January 1, you won’t even need to set resolutions: you’ll already be well on your way.

4 one-on-one coaching sessions for the price of 3!

That’s $460 worth of coaching for just $345.

Who needs this most?

You, if you spend too much time and energy on other people’s needs, ideas and plans, and never seem to find time for yourself.

You, if you’ve got an idea gnawing at you – but you still haven’t done anything about it.

You, if you’re feeling kinda “blah” and you want to feel totally “yay.”

You, if you’ve been clowning around in the sideshow, but want to make it on the main stage.

This package makes a perfect gift – for YOU. Did you get you anything yet?

“I wasn’t sure if life coaching was right for me but four months ago I feeling stuck and desperate to make progress on my therapy practice. When I met with Kristen, we got to the heart of matter. She has this way of cutting through the distractions and getting at the uncertainty, fear and aspirations. And she gives you so much room to make mistakes and keep pushing toward your goal. Oh, and she’s the best note taker! I can keep track of my sessions and review them again. Suffice it to say, four months later I am building the practice I have dreamed of with the kind of clientele that I love to work with.”

What am I signing up for?
The Human Cannonball sounds scary.

Does this scare you?

This summer, a client came to me with an idea to create an online game, but some knowledge gaps about creating it. Three months later, I played her game for the first time.

Another client wanted to branch out and start her own business but wasn’t sure where to start! Four months later she’s got a fully booked practice that’s growing.

That’s what momentum looks like. And momentum is what I provide. In fact, it’s your momentum that brings me the most joy.

The HUMAN CANNONBALL is designed to help you figure out what’s missing (or just underemphasized) in your life, set aim for where you want to be – then take proven steps that will build your momentum and fling you toward your target.

January 1 is closer than you think. By the time it gets here, you’ll be celebrating a successful three-point landing, while the rest of the world applauds.

Ready to launch yourself into the center ring? Let me light the powder.