"Kristen was very attentive and listened to exactly what my issues were and reflected them back in a positive and supportive way. She was able to help sort through the jumbled thought process I have and come up with real solutions. Since then, my anxiety has lessened which causes my business to thrive! I highly recommend her! Thank you!" ~Miranda B.

"After working with Kristen for one 90 minute session, she was able to get to the heart of my concerns and create an effective strategy I hadn't come up with after years of looking at the problem. She has great skills in active listening, and stopping me when I've strayed from the intent I set out to accomplish. I would recommend her to anyone looking to be more effective in their life." ~ Joshua B.

"Teachers become teachers to make a positive impact on the lives of their students. They may instruct English, or Math, or Science, but they teach civic engagement, compassion, self-advocacy, and perseverance. But, who teaches teachers? Once the school bell rings, teachers become isolated in their classrooms. We all need an advocate, a coach, a mentor to help us reach our potential. If you feel you’re struggling in the classroom, or reached a plateau in your career, then I encourage you to schedule a coaching session with my friend Kristen. As a life coach, and a former teacher, Kristen has the skill set and the resume to effectively coach and empathize with educators who need guidance meeting their professional and personal goals. Kristen introduced me to Carol Dweck’s "Growth Mindset." I used to think my problems were an obstacle, now I look at them as an opportunity for improvement. In the past, my professional relationships were full of tumult and acrimony. After Kristen helped me become a more mindful thinker, I have established more fulfilling relationships with my co-workers, friends, and family. Teachers are used to being the sage on the stage in their classroom. But, we all have moments in our lives where we need to press reboot. Contact Kristen today. She will help you smoothly transition from the 1.0 self where you are at now, to the 2.0 self you hope to become." ~Nathan S.

Kristen is a very sincere and compassionate individual. She really helped me not only be okay with admitting to what I truly desire in life, but then helping me practice feeling worthy of those desires. I knew I needed a cheerleader to help push me through some negative thought processes, and Kristen is very consistent in being there, and helping, even from afar. I knew she was there if I needed to text her about my day, or my anxieties, and her response was always the helping hand I needed. Never judgmental or pushy. Kristen always kept the focus on me, and believing in myself, even when I was embarrassed to admit I was still struggling. Kristen’s a wonderful coach, and I feel lucky to have her in my corner! ~~DV,

Kristen has a natural and engaging demeanor that allows the client time and space to discover their gifts, graces, talents and innermost desires. Her questions are timely, and probing, to help you move your life in a forward and positive direction. I leave a coaching session feeling centered, positive, and ready to accomplish all of my life's dreams. ~~Kelly P.

"TKO is fantastic - a great listener and so intuitive I can't believe she could quickly boil down my thoughts to some significant, impactful action steps. Highly Recommended." ~James M.

"Amazing person, help me organize a lot of stuff I have pending and organize the things I have in mind as well. In addition it gave me a little of extra ideas to start doing the thing I want to achieve." ~Jorge A.

Kristen's combination of smarts, intuition, and humor make for a brilliant guide of professional and personal choices unknown. As I was exploring different options to expand my career as a working mom, Kristen helped me pinpoint what was essential, what was negotiable, and what was total BS. I highly recommend Kristen to anyone interested in honest self exploration and executive skill development. ~~Julia A.

Really enjoyed meeting with Kristen. She's a great listener, creative thinker, and focused on making sure you have actionable results toward your goals. I absolutely love her overall coaching style and I couldn't have found a more fitting career coach for my needs and personality. Highly recommend her! ~~Shauna C.

TKO helped me talk through and focus my short term approach to long term goals by assessing my values with tools she carefully selected. We spoke over Skype which I was apprehensive about at first but which she made very comfortable with her understanding and easy manner. I appreciate her bright smile, bright spirit, and easy humor; that and her tenacity for drawing focus back to the topic and penchant for pointing out significance I hadn't yet seen made for an enriching call. The only reason that I'm not giving this experience all the stars is that for one, it is my first of its kind, and two I think I wasn't as prepared to begin coaching as I thought I was going in. Otherwise, Kristen was reasonable about her rate and she is my number one choice for when I continue this path of self-work. ~~Kelly C.