The Firestarter

You’ve got the spark. I’ve got the kindling.

A SPECIAL OFFER for people who are ready to ignite a new project, business or career.

Are you tired of waiting for the “right opportunity” to come along?

Got a fantastic idea, but not sure how to get it started?

Ready to take a chance and take control of your future?

Allow me to help you light a fire under your ass.

The FIRESTARTER is a special package offer, specially designed to transform your idea from a spark into a crackling conflagration.

We’ll use proven planning tools to hone your concept, create forward progress and boost the confidence and motivation you’ll need to set the world on fire (not literally!).

4 one-on-one coaching sessions for the price of 3!

That’s $420 worth of coaching for just $315!

Why am I offering this deal? Because I’m a pyromaniac? Maybe?

Honestly, I love working with people who have big ideas and are ready to go after them. It’s inspiring to me, and I want to do more of it.

Kristen’s combination of smarts, intuition, and humor make for a brilliant guide of professional and personal choice unknown. As I was exploring different options to expand my career as a working mom, Kristen helped me pinpoint what was essential, what was negotiable, and what was total BS. I highly recommend Kristen to anyone interested in honest self exploration and executive skill development.

—Julia A.

The Firestarter program follows a set progression, which has served past clients well – but we can always modify our sessions to give your fire the maximum possible fuel. By the time you’re done, you’ll be seeing measurable results, no matter what stage of creation you’re at.

First we’ll suss out what your best kindling is, narrow down to the values that are nearest and dearest to you (but that need a little extra push) and leave you with a mission statement to ignite your own fire.

I’m excited to offer this deal to YOU: the people with the big ideas – and the guts to make them happen.

Get in touch to book your program or to ask me any questions! – TKO