My work builds on having spent the last eleven years involved with the education world and then making the brave belly flop to leave it behind in pursuit of living a more authentic personal and professional life. I’m an edupreneur and coach, with a side of serious sass.

I'll help you organize, analyze and prioritize. I’ve been known to be a taskmaster, but I’m also adept at being a gentle guide, willing to get out of the way.

I’m currently helping to create an innovative teacher-led charter school by marrying my training as a journalist, teacher and coach. In addition, I help clients bring about more courage to take brave belly flops in personal and professional aspects of their lives.

I’ve got a wicked wit and a deep strength to dance with the big picture and the gritty details.

I spent part of my childhood outside the United States that has fueled my love for adventure and learning ever since. As I’ve had the privilege of living in three different countries and traveled to more, I’ve learned that life and travel are often like taking a brave belly flop off the high dive. However you land, you can get back up and be better for it.

I’m the person you come to when you need someone to labor alongside for positive personal and professional change.

I’m my own circus, and I’ll help you belly flop gracefully.